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0003620Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-11-14 19:492014-01-17 10:39
Toady One 
0003620: Typos/Grammar issues in Raccoon, Blind Cave Ogre, Bat Man and Giant Cave Spider descriptions
The Ogre raw entry has an unnecessary [CASTE_NAME:ogre:ogres:ogre] tag at the beginning.

The Raccoon raw entry has weird grammar in the description. "It is a curious animal and have been known to steal from civilized areas." should be: "It is a curious animal and has been known to steal from civilized areas." or "These curious animals have been known to steal from civilized areas."

The Blind Cave Ogre has a typo in its description. "hands" should be "hand"

Look in the raws.
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2010-11-25 21:40   
Found another typo in the bat man raw entry (creature_subterranean)

"with the head of bat" should be "with the head of a bat"
2010-11-25 22:11   
Both the 'animal person' and 'giant' creature variations in c_variation_default do not remove the [PET] tag but do remove [PETVALUE] and [PET_EXOTIC]. This doesn't actually affect any default creatures, but could potentially cause problems for those who want to do simple mods (like modding rat men back in).
2010-11-28 18:57   
This one isn't grammatically wrong, but it bugs me:

the description for the giant cave spider says it has "venomous teeth", while an invertebrate (impossibly big or otherwise) shouldn't have teeth as they are a feature unique to vertebrates. It should probably be "venomous fangs".
2010-12-26 15:51   
The [CASTE_NAME] on the ogre isn't unnecessary (it is on most creatures). It is there when the defined castes don't need specific names (an ogre can be male or female, but are both ogres). This tag can be both creature- and caste-specific.

The animal person and giant portion was reported already at 0000048:0003120.

I'll retitle the report to cover the typos/grammar.