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0003636: Mail shirts protect lips, eyelids etc.
While testing some things in the arena I noticed that face parts like lips, eyelids, cheeks etc. are protected by mail shirts.
1. Enter arena.
2. Create a creature equipped with mail shirt. Create a high level creature equipped with a weapon.
3. Aim an attack at any of the face parts.
4. Repeat until you hit.
I understand that a mail shirt should protect the head and even the throat a little, cause it looks like a hoodie, but not the face.
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duplicate of 0001821new  Armor with [UBSTEP:MAX] and [LBSTEP:MAX] protects child bodyparts of parts it doesn't protect. 
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Have you done any modification to the RAWs?
2010-11-15 17:00   
No, none at all. Here's a screenshot of some further testing http://i51.tinypic.com/2lcbmaf.jpg [^] It seems like the head itself is not protected, only the face parts. I double-checked cheeks, eyes, eyelids, nose, mouth and lips.