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0003664Dwarf FortressTrueTypepublic2010-11-18 14:582015-01-19 16:13
PCWindows VistaService Pack 2
0003664: Crash when using Truetype and choosing Fortress/Group Name.
With Truetype enabled, when I'm on the Fortress or Group Name screen and then scroll through to a certain point or search, the game crashes. It seems to only happen at that part of the embark process, and only with Truetype enabled. I believe it may be a certain word or group of words that when displayed crash the game. I usually get to around to end of C words, beginning of D words when it crashes, while searching seems to be somewhat random.
1.Set Truetype in init.txt to YES
3.Prepare for the journey carefully.
4.Choose Fortress Name or Group Name.
5.Scroll through list or search.
I am using Mayday's tileset, updated to 31.18 by Kaolbrec in the Mayday thread. The crash message is just the default DwarfFortress.exe has stopped responding one.

I had believed it was due to a custom font that included gender symbols, but it seems to crash with the original Truetype font as well. I believe an easy work around would be to just disable truetype, then enable it after embarking, but I haven't tested this yet.
embark, Fortress Mode, naming, Truetype
child of 0003246resolved Baughn TrueType: Some dwarves' names are cut off at diacritics, other diacritics are turned into blocks 
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Now noticed that error 0003246 has notes regarding this issue as well, though the original report was just with text truncation errors, so I am unsure whether this would be considered a duplicate or not.
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Assuming Baughn fixed this one at some point.