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0003676Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2010-11-19 11:262018-04-14 18:26
Khym Chanur 
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0003676: Dwarf has preference for "wagon wood"
One of my dorfs has a preference for "wagon wood".
related to 0001623confirmed Knight Otu Dwarves can have preferences for non-existing body parts like bird/worm teeth. 
related to 0008090confirmed Footkerchief Constructing Buildings out of Wagon Wood requires Masonry job to build. 
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2010-12-29 16:37   
Can confirm this for 31.18.
Probably a 'meat' preference that is mistakenly used because wagons are classified as creatures?
(wagons are not constructed of wagon wood, but of other varieties of tree/fungoid-wood...wagons cannot be moved, but if one would be butchered, would it yield the wagon wood?)
2010-12-29 16:50   
(edited on: 2010-12-29 20:15)
No - caravan wagons are composed of a material named "wagon wood" because Toady specifically didn't want to bother readding support for raceglosses (i.e. the ability for creatures to be made of varying inorganic materials, a feature originally used only for wagons and the nonexistent treants), and a dwarf seems to have been able to have a preference for it, likely due to it using WOOD_TEMPLATE which gives it the [WOOD] material token.

The wagon that holds your supplies on embark is completely unrelated to this.

2011-04-03 07:18   
just noticed this too, its also the last in the wood section for shield material
2012-04-16 16:21   
confirming in 34.07 ... siege killed traders, now I have wagon wood in my stockpile.
2014-07-16 11:00   
Confirmed in 40.03 - it's listed in his preference in the same place a wood preference ought to be.
thikot mcthot   
2018-04-14 18:26   
confirming in 0.44.09
saw it while [v]iewing a dwarf during embark prep