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0003713Dwarf FortressTrueTypepublic2010-11-22 06:202012-02-17 18:51
Dell Vostro 200/DF SDL versionLinuxArch Linux
0003713: DF crashes when attempting to use Aimed attacks when using truetype display in Linux
In adventure mode, using the truetype display causes Df to crash when I use the aimed attack menu. I can get the first part, "Select the creature you wish to attack" to open, but upon selecting a creature, the game crashes. When run from a terminal, the only output is: ./df: line 6: 15501 Segmentation fault ./libs/Dwarf_Fortress $*
*Start with any install of Df.
*Check that Truetype is on in init.txt.
*Start adventure mode.
*Get into combat.

*"A" to bring up the Aimed attack target selection.
*On selecting a target( "a" ), Game will crash.
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related to 0003762resolved Baughn Crash on moving (k) cursor over certain spatters with TrueType (long names?) 
has duplicate 0004586resolved Knight Otu Select target after pressing [A] to initiate a specific attack. Segmentation fault. 
has duplicate 0004564resolved Footkerchief Hit "c" in adventure mode: Segmentation fault. 
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2010-11-22 22:11   
Have seen this as well. Using DF in linux. Crashes every time you use a aimed attack with TTF enabled.
2010-11-23 16:13   
Confirming this IS a linux-specific issue. Just tried .18 on a Vista laptop: in both default resolution and maximized window, truetype in the aimed attack menu worked fine.
2010-11-25 14:07   
This crash also happens to me with 0.31.18 on Ubuntu 10.10 in adventure mode after selecting which creature to attack in the aimed attack menu. This only happens when true type is enabled. Running the windows build under WINE seems to fix it for now, so I can also confirm that it is specific to Linux.
2010-12-20 17:22   
This issue occurs for me on Mac OS X version 10.6.5 as well.
2010-12-20 18:09   
Not sure if this is a separate issue - is it because the wording on the aimed attack menus overflow the screen as in 0003762?
2011-03-28 23:13   
Using Ironhand .57, the font is configured to be quite small, but it could be related to an issue mentioned there where there was still one character Gentium couldn't display. Curious if it is related to specific character on the Aim menu, perhaps one used for the fitness indicators?
2011-03-30 04:38   
Steps to reproduce from a blank hard drive.

Clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 (in VirtualBox)
 -VirtualBox guest extensions installed
 -libSDL_image-1.2 installed
 -libSDL_TTF-2.0 installed

Download, unpack DF version .25
 - Launch via command line
 - World gen, default
 - New game, Adventure mode
 - Stats don't matter, just hit enter until you're in-game
 - Walk up to the first person you see
 - "A"
 - select a target (Alt+y as needed)

Poof, segmentation fault.
2011-11-30 07:14   
Maybe it is fixed together with a 0003762?
Knight Otu   
2011-11-30 07:41   
There's a good chance that the various TrueType bugs are fixed, I'd say. They'll need testing once the new version comes in, though, unless we get some other confirmation.
2012-02-14 17:02   
Reminder sent to: AD, Murky89

Is this crash still present in the new version, 0.34.01?
2012-02-14 18:15   
Resolved, awesome.
2012-02-14 18:16