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0003725: Walls of human castles/fortresses made from implausible stones (e.g. native gold/platinum)
I've encountered multiple human castles made from materials which are implausibly rare - pitchblende, tetrahedrite, rutile, periclase, even native platinum; for the case of native platinum, it's a very good thing that dwarves are not capable of embarking on top of castles...

Logically, such castles should only be built from layer stones, or possibly even stones that occur in large clusters (e.g. microcline or orthoclase) - any stones that occur solely as veins, small clusters, or single tiles don't make sense for building a massive castle.
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2010-11-24 12:05   
I've seen this too. My guess is that Toady didn't want to write anything fancy for picking the appropriate local stone, since it would just have to be rewritten again for Caravan Arc resource tracking.
2011-04-05 14:13   
Does this still occur in 0.31.25?
2011-04-05 14:32   
(edited on: 2011-04-05 14:37)
Generated a 200-year world, and the first fortress I found was made of hornblende; a bit more searching turned up ones made of rutile, tetrahedrite, and garnierite.

Knight Otu   
2011-04-05 14:43   
It's still happening, yes. In a vanilla game I just checked I found a tetrahedrite fortress on the first try, and I've seen other valuable ores and minerals in my modded games, including a (supposedly) rare and valuable modded ore.
2011-06-16 09:38   
My favorite implausible castles so far have been a purple pitchblende castle and a red petrified wood castle in a vanilla game.
Khym Chanur   
2014-09-10 04:59   
In 0.40.x I saw a keep with walls of coal.
2014-09-10 06:44   
(edited on: 2014-09-10 06:54)
I still see keeps and meadhalls with walls of pitchblende in 40.11, or just about anything that you can make into a wall in DF. Even saw a fortress entrance made of native gold, then again, maybe we can give Dwarves a bit of an exception.

2014-09-10 07:07   
Native platinum block fortress.
2014-09-10 07:14   
(edited on: 2014-09-10 07:16)
@footkerchief: It was probably native gold blocks rather than native gold boulders, but still....

If it was made of gold bars, okay, I'd just assume that have shitloads of gold lying around, but native gold nuggets/blocks? Nah.