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0003755Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-11-29 09:572011-03-20 01:09
Toady One 
0003755: If dwarf is not properly taken to hospital, dwarves with recover wounded will drag back to bed during surgery
Had a dwarf go to his own bedroom instead of the hospital, when he was later carried to the hospital, anytime a surgery was attempted on him another dwarf would show up and drag him back to bed, producing a dwarf not resting error and cancelling the surgery. Managed to fix him by disabling recover wounded on all 102 dwarves.
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child of 0003080resolved Toady One Surgeon cancels surgery: patient not resting 
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I'm not certain about how my patient wound up in the hospital, but I am getting behavior where surgery is being repeatedly interrupted by dwarves doing a Recover Wounded on the patient while they're on the table.