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0003791Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- History Exportpublic2010-12-09 14:162020-02-05 08:13
0003791: Various event details missing from XML dump
add hf entity link

Needs historical figure id.
Needs link description (position / enemy / imprisoned / etc).
Currently exports entity (civ_id).

In 1, the dwarf Muthkat Papercoven became the general of the Volcano of Reigns.
In 1, the dwarf Doren Townadmires became the queen of The Volcano of Reigns
In the early spring of 4, the ettin Osmah Lenscontrols the Tenebrous Flutes became an enemy of The Volcano of Reigns
In 37, the human Ishas Wingvelvets was imprisoned by The Wickedness of Reining.

add hf hf link

Needs link description (worship / imprisoned / marriage / etc).
Currently exports both historical figures (hfid) (hfid_target).

In the later winter of 200, Femeli received the worship of the human Tal Flashhelder.
In the midsummer of 1, Mondul imprisoned Famime Praisedwisp the Cavern of Ghosts.
In 77, Eman married Thel Fierceplanter.

body abused

Needs historical figure ids (can be multiple historical figures as shown below)
Needs abuser entity.
Currently exports site (site_id).

In the early spring of 40, the body of the elf Omo Smileglimmered was horribly mutilated by The Patterned Lie in Voiceearthen.
In the early spring of 47, the bodies of the elf Muya Vinepeaceful, the elf Eslome Wallsilk and the elf Ruyava Wavebeached were hung from a willow on rope reed fiber ropes by The Patterned Lie in Silveryseas.
In the early sprint of 55, the bodies of the elf Fale Geniusblossom, the elf Enure Stylesnoble, the elf Amiya Leafcreature and the elf Mame Roarchanced were impaled on larch pikes by The Patterned Lie in Silveryseas.

change hf job

Needs job.
Needs entity? After (new site leader) event becomes administrator of entity
Currently exports historical figure (hfid) and site (site_id).

In 1, the kobold Thlashomin became a ranger in Erasedeep.
In 1, the kobold Shridlinkis decided to become a thief, operating out of Eraseddeep.
In the early spring of 60, Vicu became the administrator of The Wealthy Fellowship

create entity position

No details exported.

creature devoured

Needs both historical figures.
Currently exports site (site_id).

In the late autumn of 11, the alligator Banec Shadeyelled devoured the kobold Grililigraylmin in The Crevice of Sanctuaries.

hf new pet

Needs pet.
Currently exports historical figure (hfid), site (site_id) and region (subregion_id).

In the early spring of 45, the human Thili Tickshonored tamed the leopards of The Steppe of Soaking.

item stolen

No details exported

remove hf entity link

Needs historical figure.
Needs link description.
Currently exports entity (civ_id).

In the later summer of 6, the human Nedun Neutralplots ceased to be the law-giver of The Confederation of Breath.
In the early winter of 109, the human Icar Torridcovered escaped from the prisons of The Wickedness of Reining.
has duplicate 0003792resolved Footkerchief Event details missing from XML dump: add hf hf link 
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has duplicate 0003797resolved Footkerchief Event details missing from XML dump: hf new pet 
has duplicate 0003798resolved Footkerchief Event details missing from XML dump: item stolen 
has duplicate 0003799resolved Footkerchief Event details missing from XML dump: remove hf entity link 
related to 0002955new  Historical figures are listed in the xml without special characters, but in world history.txt file with special characters 
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2010-12-09 14:43   
Reminder sent to: Parker147

These issues didn't warrant 9 separate reports. If you find yourself making that many brief reports about closely related issues, that's a good sign that you can condense them.

Also, the XML dump is not meant to be complete at this point. Like much of the game, it's an unfinished feature. Please only report actual bugs, e.g. if the XML export is crashing or producing malformed XML (cf. 0000404).

Does that clear things up? Were there any actual bugs in these reports?
2010-12-09 16:05   
I didn't know if should post them together or separate, but since there was an entire category "Legends Mode -- History Export" I thought it was fine to have them that way.

I am attempting to make a program that recreates the Legends mode from the xml dump and have had success except for these events. The missing details listed makes it impossible to accurately remake them so I would consider them a bug. The details are listed in Legends mode as can be seen from the examples in "additional information". Especially since some are only missing a detail or two makes me think that they are mistakes and are not likely to be fixed unless they are reported. I also reported them not only to be fixed but for other people using the xml dump.
2010-12-09 17:16   
Okay, I collected all the information in this report.
2012-02-20 18:58   
Some of this has probably changed by now, but the larger issue is that the XML dump is not expected to be complete yet.
2012-02-23 10:19   
None of this was changed in v34. The only things that changed in the XML Dump are the new properties for Historical Figures and some new types of events, which I have not had time to look through to ensure they are complete. Some of the properties added to the historical figures are related to these events, such as the add link events.

So instead of fixing these bugs, some of the data now exists and as historical figure properties. Which makes things a bit of a mess. If you are loading the XML in order some of the new historical figure link properties can't reference the historical figures they refer to because they haven't been loaded yet, such as children. It would have made more sense to have fixed these events because events are loaded after all historical figures and entities have been loaded.

I guess that wouldn't even solve the issues with some links though as there is no birth event, even in game, so you wouldn't be able to form the parent\child relationship from these events. Though it would have made more sense to have then add the parents to a property of the historical figure. Now I'm rambling and should probably make a suggestion thread on what I think needs to be done.

Like I said before though, I know the XML dump is said to be incomplete and I didn't mention areas of the XML that are obviously left incomplete, but I think the data is intended to be complete in the sense that we should be able to use everything we are given so far and it is except for some of the missing event details. Since I have never heard Toady mention what state the XML is supposed to be in I'm assuming these are errors.
2012-02-23 10:34   
Okay, if you these cases are weird enough to be unintentional, I'll leave this open.
2012-02-23 11:29   
If nothing else, it might be useful just to have a list reminding Toady what he might still need to do in XML dumps.
2012-03-11 11:48   
Want to add a couple things to this. A new event added in v34 "assume identity" contains "identity_id", which is incorrect. First occurrence of this event starts with ID 0 and it just increments from there.

There are a couple other non event details that I think needed to be noted
    -Needs Race
    -Description of the entity, Civ, Group, Outcasts, Religion, Bandit Gang, etc
Event Collections
        *Needs abductor
        *Needs abductee
    -Beast Attacks
        *Needs beast
        *Needs hf

I went ahead and put together a suggestion topic for some data changes that I want. In that topic I also included a list of all the data that I could think of that needs to be added to complete the XML. It can be found here: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=73538 [^]
Deity Link   
2015-12-29 01:35   
(edited on: 2015-12-29 01:36)
Can we expect this issue to be fixed in the foreseeable future?

It's still there in 0.42.04

It's a real pain for those using utilities like Legend Viewers.

2020-02-05 08:13   
Historical figures now have position changes, but there's no way to tell what those positions are: the new generated positions(and their profile_ids) are not extractable in any manner from the legends.