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0003793Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- History Exportpublic2010-12-09 14:192010-12-09 14:38
0003793: Event details missing from XML dump: body abused
Needs historical figure ids (can be multiple historical figures as shown below)
Needs abuser entity.
Currently exports site (site_id).
In the early spring of 40, the body of the elf Omo Smileglimmered was horribly mutilated by The Patterned Lie in Voiceearthen.
In the early spring of 47, the bodies of the elf Muya Vinepeaceful, the elf Eslome Wallsilk and the elf Ruyava Wavebeached were hung from a willow on rope reed fiber ropes by The Patterned Lie in Silveryseas.
In the early sprint of 55, the bodies of the elf Fale Geniusblossom, the elf Enure Stylesnoble, the elf Amiya Leafcreature and the elf Mame Roarchanced were impaled on larch pikes by The Patterned Lie in Silveryseas.
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