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0003868: Strange tile behavior after water freezing/ice melting/building
Some unusable tiles appeared in my fort after playing with ice.
I tried to dig ice to build some rooms in the see (smoothing ice wall), then tiled them with ice blocks. When summer came, smoothed icy wall melted, but since then i got some strange tiles you can't dig, channel, build, walk through.

Save here:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3640 [^]
As i played a lot with ice in this zone (building / removing construction... I'm not sure what caused this bug.
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I have similar issue in my current fort in 0.31.25.
When water froze at winter, I dug some ice tiles in murky pools, then built walls on them. Later I deconstructed the walls, most of them left Ice floor tiles (which did not melt, but that is another bug), but 7 them left very strange "black hole" tiles.

These tiles:
-appear as completely black or show a stone boulder left from deconstructing the wall
-when viewed with (k) show completely nothing, even those containing a stone boulder
-are not walkable by dwarves
-constructions or furniture can't be built on them (shows "Blocked")
-are not minable
-digging a ramp 1 z-level below doesn't change them
-caveining something from above doesn't change them
-dropping water on them doesn't change them, but the dropped water is visible from z-level above

Save is available, PM me in the forums if you want me to upload. I am not going to delete the save.
2011-10-28 14:09   
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I've seen other problems with ice messing up the tiles underneath it - if I dig beneath a murky pool and construct walls there, the "murky pool" tiles will disappear and be replaced with "[material] block floor" when the water freezes and remelts. This gave me a bit of a nasty surprise when I went to rebuild a bunch of old "rough" constructed walls using blocks - when I removed the constructed walls, the pool drained into the room and flooded it.

2014-10-04 11:08   
This one is pretty much the same bug as 0001981.