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0003871: Adamantine clothes cancellation claims to only require a single piece of cloth
In a fresh embark, I built a metalsmith's forge and queued jobs to forge one of each type of metal clothing. While most of the job cancellations indicated 10000/20000/30000 adamantine cloth being required, the messages for forging a dress, robe, cloak, or trousers indicated that I only needed "adamantine cloth". A forum post suggests that these are, in fact, only requiring a single unit of cloth.

In this case, dresses and cloaks should be reporting 50000 cloth required, robes should be 60000, and trousers should be 40000.

Togas, coats, and capes (all 50000) are likely similarly affected, though my civilization did not appear to permit making them.

Likely not related to 0000130.
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related to 0000040resolved Toady One "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item : Needs 10000 plant cloth" 
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2011-01-06 08:04FootkerchiefSummaryAdamantine clothes require only 1 piece of cloth if MATERIAL_SIZE is greater than 3 => Adamantine clothes cancellation claims to only require a single piece of cloth
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Further testing seems to indicate that this is only a cosmetic issue in the job cancellation message (and that the claim in the above mentioned forum post was, in fact, totally false) - the jobs actually do use the amount of cloth expected.