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0003876Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2011-01-07 20:152013-12-07 05:01
Pickled Tink 
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0003876: Wild animals keep trying to follow their cage-trapped companions
Something I have noticed in a fort I am playing. I regularly get troops of gorillas walking through my map, and I have an entrance design that involves a single row of cage traps at three entrance spots both north and south of the river that cuts the map in half (6 total).

I have also noticed that a herd moves by having a leader animal that all the other animals follow (Or maybe they chain. With each animal following the one in front of it, which would make more sense given what I have seen)

Whenever the lead gorilla walks into one of these cage traps, it keeps being treated as the leader of the troop. The other Gorillas will walk into the traps, even after getting chased off repeatedly over months of game time. With only two traps in each entrance, and rapid response time, this they get chased off often.

I have yet to see one ever give up and walk off the map. This has also happened with Alligators who do the same stupid thing.

I think the AI is not recognising that the leader is no longer with them and insisting on following him to his last known position: The cage trap.
Build a small number of cage traps (2) in an area animals frequent and have dwarves constantly clear away captives and reset the traps.
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