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0003892Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaningpublic2011-01-15 13:212011-01-15 15:09
0003892: Dwarves cannot pickup soap from stockpile to clean
Urist Mcdirty goes to stockpile to grab soap. Cancels clean self - area inaccessible. I've watched it quite a bit, they're walking to the soap and then canceling the job. It's really annoying because it's quite spammy.
make soap, put it in a stockpile.
i have a save for this if it's something that can't be reproduced (no idea why you couldn't, it happens in every game i've made)
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duplicate of 0001023resolved Toady One People picking up soap, getting "cancels Clean Self: Area inaccessible", then dropping it 
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Actually it's not just the stockpile - they're also cancelling the job at the soap maker's shop.
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This is bug 0001023.

 If you go to View Issues (on the top), type soap in the filter, and hit apply filter, you can see this. The site wasn't intuitive for me at first either.

2011-01-15 15:09   
Thanks Kwieland.