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0003894: Monthly training schedule design causes bad thoughts
If you have unskilled dwarves (in anything) on a military training regimen you will find they get bad thoughts from both being drafted and being relieved even if you set the training to constant. This is a result I've found from the fact that every month end the whole squad is freed for civilian duty, and then a second later dwarves are tasked with training again.

This seems unreasonable as technically there should be no break in the training, but is likely due to the training schedule design and previous implementation of draft/relief thoughts.
Step 1: Take a bunch of peasants with no skills and put them into a squad.
Step 2: Set squad to train 12 months out of the year.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Unhappy thoughts from drafts and being relieved from duty!
Likely this is caused by the fact that if you have fewer people set to train than there are dwarves in the squad Toady wanted to rotate who was training each month. The result though needs to be worked on.
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duplicate of 0002439new  Military dwarves are automatically dismissed and re-drafted each month, leading to a guaranteed bad thought 
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