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Toady One 
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0003898: Entire Bone Stacks are used in Reactions instead of a single Bone
For several pre-scripted reactions, as well as custom reactions (such as for a custom building) there are problems when using bone as a material. In specific the problem is that an entire stack of bone will be utilized instead of a single bone.

Crafting a bone bow, at the bowyer, is an example of one of the reactions that seems to work properly at the moment. However for all other custom reactions I have tried, an entire stack of bone is used up as the Reagent in production.

The item is still produced out of the reaction, but the entire stack is depleted in its construction.
Slaughter/Butcher some creature to get some bone.
Use the following reaction information as a custom reaction.

[NAME:Make bone Blocks]

Attempted to even use something like [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:1] to reduce the amount of material utilized, to no avail.

A bone block would be produced correctly with the following reaction. However if you had a stack of 12 cow bones, it would make a single block just as if you had access to only a single cow bone but 'waste' 11 bones in the process.
This problem seems endemic regardless of what is being made in the PRODUCT line. Attempts with other product types (chair, armor, door, etc.) result in the same stack use. For Reagent purposes I would guess that a stack of bone looks just like a single bone for material purposes.

Tried adding the following to the bone material template:

And then changing the reagent above to something like this:

Did not fix the issue of utilizing a whole stack of the substance.
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2011-01-18 19:21   
The "BONE:NONE:NONE:NONE" in the reagent is technically incorrect, since BONE is not an item token (see http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Item_token [^] for a list) - you should either be using NONE (which is probably what it was using anyways) or possibly CORPSE/CORPSEPIECE (which might not work as expected).
2014-07-08 15:52   
Still a problem in 0.40.01, according to 0006727
2014-07-21 05:51   
Confirming still an issue in 0.40.03