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0003972Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2011-02-16 18:012014-01-27 10:55
Windows Vista6.0 Service Pk 2
0003972: Crash at embark across a wide swath of the world (savage embark?)
The game crashes upon embarking in a variety of places on the map. They seem to always crash any time I embark in the temperate savage forests, and very frequently in the savage swamps nearby.

I can embark in some of the colder savage areas, and in some of the savage swamps in the area, so it may be some creature in that area that causes buggy behavior.

The game also seems to lag significantly when embarking in several of those regions, and I have a very large incidence of caverns collapsing into the HFS or magma sea.
Simply embark anywhere in the general region of the area indicated in the image - the savage swamps and forests in the area all cause crashes at embark.
I reduced the number of cavern levels to 2 and demon species to 5 before generating the world.
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duplicate of 0005077resolved Toady One Browsing world gen map causes corrupted feature files 
related to 0003968resolved Footkerchief Crash on loading a map for embarking (after overwriting 31.18 with 31.19) 
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2011-02-16 18:02   
Ah, forgot the DFFD with the save file: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3804 [^]
2011-02-16 19:37   
Probably the same as what's happening in 0003968.
2011-02-17 10:57   
A distinct possibility, although I wasn't really sure about what the cause was, so I decided to make my own report.

I started off thinking it was the savage areas of the new version, some sort of creature, but now I think it's just a geology bug with caverns exploding so horribly it just refuses to even embark, in which case it's just an older bug (with the slade or HFS towers), possibly made worse with the changes in geology.

Again, I'm cutting down on the number of cavern layers (less cavern critters to cause FPS drain, and there's not much difference between the second and third layers, anyway), which may be a factor in the occurance of this bug.

If that's the case, then yes, these are possibly the same geology bug.
Toady One   
2011-02-19 13:05   
The feature information was corrupted and there were features in the folder, but when I regenerated the world, I could get the same map to embark correct and there were no feature files in the folder. Was there anything that happened after the world was generated and before the save was uploaded?
2011-02-20 10:53   
To the best of my memory, no. That folder is "region 3", and I went immediately from the world generation to Start Game -> Fortress Mode, did some searches in the site finder, and spent some time setting up embarks.

The only thing I would have done that would mess with the data itself was make a direct copy-paste of the "region 3" folder, which I do whenever I remember to give myself access to the embark screen or legends mode again later without requiring savescumming and abandoning.

After crashing the first time, however, I did try embarking in multiple different sites, and the save I uploaded had a few successful embarks and subsequent abandons (or crumbles due to embarking directly over the magma sea). There would be those events that happened between when I first generated the world and when I posted it, although it already crashed the first time I tried to embark, before those sites were added. (I have a copy save of the region folder before I embarked, and can upload that, as well, if you want.)
2011-02-20 13:02   
(edited on: 2011-02-20 13:09)
Here is the copy-save if you want it: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3824 [^]

I only had one copy-save, and I thought maybe I had a second copy save, and tried using that, as well, but I didn't, apparently. I may have tried embarking in this copy-save, as well, but I'm not sure.

I made a copy of the copy, and tried to embark in the same spot, and got the same crash-on-embark problem.

Also, I'm surprised how much abandons inflate the size of the save folders.

2011-02-20 14:06   
(edited on: 2011-02-20 14:07)
I seem to have a similar issue, however, my preference setting in the world finder has always been low savagery, and a perfect match, and instead of just crashing out without a trace, it hangs up for several minutes instead. Clean install of 31.19, edited raws to allow use of the modded practice buildings. Also, have been choosing single shallow and deep metals in matches, high rains, some soil, no aquifer or river, and have been choosing sites with 0 cliff ratings and and at least some plantlife/trees. However, now that I think about it, all of these sites have ended up being very heavy forested, heavy plant growth forest/swamp areas, now that I think about it.

Edit They have all also been single-biome embark sites, 2X2 areas highlighted.

2011-02-20 17:26   
Today & Kohaku: see my post on the parent bug listing (3968) for the one cause I found for the crashes. I can post the save if needed.
2011-02-21 05:57   
One of the times I did successfully embark, it was with my dwarves directly over the magma sea, although there was some magma mist, so I think there was some land that had been hovering and immediately caved in.

I guess this puts this bug in there with the adamantine spire bug, then?
2011-02-25 17:01   
Footkerchief: I'm not sure how this bug is still related to the other bug if that one was caused by overwriting the versions. I did not overwrite my version, and I have this bug completely unrelated to that.