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0003991Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2011-02-17 03:172013-09-22 18:07
0003991: Gaps in food stockpiles.
A bunch of booze barrels were piling up in my distillery, despite the fact that there were clearly spaces for it in my food stockpile. I double checked to make sure the barrel limits weren't in place and that there wasn't any hidden items blocking the stockpile.

I went ahead and made a new stockpile, and my dwarfs put the booze into the new one. They left a gap in the new one as well.

Could this be being caused by having large pots?
pots, stockpiles
duplicate of 0000795resolved Toady One If part of a stockpile is inaccessible, barrels/bins don't get placed in succeeding tiles 
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I also have a food stockpile that my dwarfs won't assign a barrel to. I have plenty of extra barrels and I haven't fiddled with any of the barrel settings.
2011-02-20 09:08   
Reminder sent to: GauHelldragon

Is this 0000795?
2011-02-20 12:45   
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The gaps weren't continuous, but it might be related.

I haven't been able to reproduce this bug however, I'll try to give more information about it next time I see it happen.

2013-09-22 18:07   
No updates, assuming duplicate.