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0000040Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2010-04-01 16:122012-03-17 07:11
Toady One 
0000040: "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item : Needs 10000 plant cloth"
Displayed when I attempt to create a cloth item (clothes, rope, etc.) with 0 cloth in stock.

Have not tried with cloth (still a young fort), so it might just be a text artifact.
Try building a Clothier's Shop and order any cloth item. Might work only if there's no cloth available.
Only tried one fort yet, so it might be rarer than I thought.
cloth, siege, workshop
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2010-04-01 16:15   
This also happens when you try to make more pig iron or steel bars than you have refined coal for
2010-04-01 16:24   
I got the same, only 15 000 plant cloth needed.
2010-04-01 17:42   
Is this a bug or a wording issue?

I got the same message, needing 2 more bags to complete the manager's work order, so it says I needed 10,000 cloth.

Remember cloth now has associated lengths, so I'm guessing each cloth bolt is 5,000 units...?
2010-04-01 18:27   
Each piece of cloth is measured in some units, so needing 10 000 cloth is probably just 1 unit as before.
2010-04-02 13:15   
Related to this, when running out of thread to make cloth it told me I needed 15000 thread to make cloth.
2010-04-03 09:51   
Confirmed that this is units; 150 iron bars = 1 iron bar.
2010-04-06 14:24   
I believe this has to do with the hospital. It takes all the cloth in your fort and doesn't release it for clothier jobs.
2010-04-06 14:50   
Does this really need to be high priority? It's just cosmetic. It only says it when you're actually out of usable (non-hospital non-forbidden) material.
2010-04-07 03:59   
Besides, even though a clothier needs 10000 units of cloth to make anything, the hospital needs less per wound dressing. This isn't really a bug.
2010-04-08 20:40   
I'd agree that this is a UI issue rather than a bug. It's displaying the minimum usable units for jobs which require partial cloth pieces. Likely the bars issue is related to the return from melting down metal items. 10,000 cloth = 1 usable cloth bolt, 150 bars = 1 usable metal bar.
2010-04-08 21:42   
This seems to mostly be an issue of it's a change in the mechanics that nobody really understands yet, there's basically no information about it in the wiki yet. If people are starting to understand how this new unit system works, please share so we can figure out if there's a bug under this or not.

2010-04-09 14:19   
most likely related to this, my dwarves always bring more thread and cloth to the hospital than I order, though in total still small quantities. Maybe the increments you can set in the hospital menu don't match full units of thread, cloth?
2010-04-11 15:44   
I get a similar issue with potash orders: needs 150 ash.
2010-04-19 16:01   
I think it should be changed to 'Needs size 10000 cloth' or 'Needs size 150 iron bars'
2010-04-22 10:30   
I don't think size is it. Its more units than that... having it display cloth in meters or centimeters (for length) and metal in kg (for weight/mass) would be more intuitive. It would also be helpful as we could know that processing pig tail makes, say, 10000 cm (100 m) of thread, which could make 10 m of cloth bolts or something. Having standardized units, even if they're dwarven units, would make the whole system a lot more understandable, yet still somewhat fun and realistic.

Now make me 30 urists of steel bars!
2010-06-21 04:14   
This is confusing a lot of people judging by the bug reports. Some kind of units *would* be appreciated.
2010-06-25 19:11   
This happened to me, and I'm pretty sure it just means you ran out.

The dwarf doesn't need that much of anything, he just needs MORE.
2010-09-08 11:11   
Should be changed to 10000 units of cloth.
And somewhere, it should be mentioned how much is one unit.
2010-09-11 08:43   
(edited on: 2010-09-11 08:49)
This issue isn't wholly cosmetic or a matter of display as some comments indicate - at least as far as cloth/thread and hospitals are concerned. In my experience it is a result of how the hospital stores materials. If a dwarf takes something out of the hospital to be used, the hospital is now considered to be short that unit, so the hospital gets restocked with a full item of cloth. But when the medical dwarf is finished with the cloth for bandaging (or thread for suturing), the hospital can't accept the item back, so it gets returned to the cloth/thread stockpile, despite no longer being a full item/10,000 units.

It is also possible for medical dwarves, and all professions, to choose an item from the cloth/thread stockpile when they "pick up" the bandage/suture job, because it's the closest material available. You can see this behavior repeated with all workshop jobs - you might have an unforbidden quantum stockpile next to your mason shop of the stone you desire, but the first stone the mason will pick up is based on proximity to his initial location, which is probably not the stockpile next to the workshop. In the case of medical dwarves, they may use cloth/thread that is not even assigned to the hospital, which again gets returned to the cloth/thread stockpile despite no longer being a full item.

The first could probably be fixed by keeping the cloth/thread "assigned" to the hospital (listed in its tally of stored materials) so that at least it won't be restocked while an item is being used. However, I guess it is possible that it'll still get restocked when an item is used and the tally is now, for example, 19500/20000. The second issue I imagine is more complex, involving a rewrite in how dwarves, workshops and jobs in general find materials.

(I guess this comment is more at home in issue 000771 : Cloth/Thread partially used by medical dwarfs can't be dyed/woven & they prefer new supplies over used ones)

Toady One   
2012-02-16 16:57   
This should be fixed now.