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0004022Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorationspublic2011-02-18 17:232011-02-28 14:02
Toady One 
0004022: Caravan brought wooden barrel glazed with sheep bone
You can glaze some odd things ocassionally, but most noteably are caravans. I just got brought a wooden barrel glazed with sheep bone. That's two impossibilities in one!

Has no real impact on gameplay besides being wierd.

Weapons are sometimes grabbed for glazing if they're foreign, and become containers, but still function as weapons. They aren't stockpiled or used as containers in dwarfmode, but the flag is still there.
Check caravan goods, or mass-glaze objects.
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has duplicate 0004121resolved Footkerchief Glazings of unusual material appear through random decoration and from traders 
related to 0004007resolved Toady One Glazed weapons act as containers 
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Discuss the glazed weapons as containers portion in 0004007.