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0004095: Birds have unconnected arm joints; merpeople and serpent men have unconnected leg joints
The following creatures use HUMANOID_JOINTS but do not have the limbs to which the shoulders, elbows, or wrists would normally connect:

* Blue jay
* Cardinal
* Grackle
* Oriole
* Red-winged blackbird
* Chicken
* Duck
* Goose
* Guineafowl
* Blue peafowl
* Turkey
* Giant eagle
* Buzzard
* Vulture
* Elk bird
* Jabberer
* Harpy
* Roc
* Cave swallow
* Giant cave swallow

Merpersons and serpent men similarly have hips, knees, and ankles despite not having legs.
These were discovered by writing a script to parse the bodies of all creatures and trace each body part to the upper body (which also revealed the problem described in 0004094).
Probable Quick Fix
related to 0001032resolved Toady One ALL primates have front and back legs (with accompanying feet), no arms or hands, yet have fingers, somewhere. 
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Do these joints show up in-game in any fashion?
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Not that I can immediately observe - they don't show up during wrestling, and exposure to either magma or dragonfire doesn't seem to damage joints.