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0004129Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Conversationpublic2011-03-06 05:352011-03-06 18:59
Toady One 
0004129: Talking/conversation in Adv. Mode causes crash
Talking to a character in Adventure Mode causes the game to freeze and crash the moment you select Greet with no error messages or such.

Talk to someone. Select Greet.

This may not be reproducable in other worlds, in which case it's not as major a problem, but still it must be something wrong with world gen then... hmmm.

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2011-03-06 05:51   
I can confirm this happening.
2011-03-06 06:00   
Also, genned a new world. Same problem.
2011-03-06 06:05   
2011-03-06 11:17