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0000414Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-04 12:582014-01-26 09:20
resolvedunable to reproduce 
0000414: Hospital Stored Buckets Not Used
Buckets stored in the Hospital zone are not used to give water to the injured.

I have 3/2 buckets in the Hospital and someone still canceled task give water: no empty buckets. I have only 3 dwarves resting in the hospital, so its not like the buckets are in use somehow, though at least one is getting water (likely because I made more buckets).
Hospital zone with at least 1 stored bucket, injured dwarf who is thirsty.
buckets, healthcare, zone
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2010-04-04 12:59   
I should note that there are two buckets that I can find in a stone coffer.
2010-04-09 20:42   
i have the same problem
You can get around it by simply making a ridiculous excess of buckets, but ive had dwarves die early game because i dont have enough buckets
2012-02-16 12:08   
Reminder sent to: Draco18s

Is this bug still present in 0.34.01?
2012-02-16 12:12   
I'll have to check, Footkerchief. I'll get around to the new version in the next 9 months or so. ;)
(So many side projects taking my free time)
2012-02-16 12:18   
No rush, just trying to prune some old bugs.
2012-07-08 07:24   
I just noticed the same bug, using 34.11. I have 2 buckets stored in coffers in the hospital and get spammed with "no bucket available" messages, although nobody is using them.
2012-09-12 04:55   
Just guessing here, but could it be that buckets in the hospital are only used for hospital tasks, namely making plaster?

It's possible it's not being used because the task it's assigned to is "hospital stuff", and giving someone a drink isn't directly part of the hospital.