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0004170Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Foodpublic2011-03-08 22:192011-03-21 03:54
Toady One 
0004170: fine and lavish meals only use two ingrediants
For some reason, lavish and fine meals are only using two ingredients, instead of three and four ingredients respectively.
1. Acquire at least 3 stacks of cookable ingredients.
2. Order a dwarf to "cook fine meal" or "cook lavish meal"
3. The dwarf grabs two ingredients, and begins cooking.
cook fine meal is still producing stews, and cook lavish meal is still producing roasts, they simply only have 2 ingredients instead of their normal, higher, amounts.
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2011-03-09 09:17   
I have seen this as well, on Linux, in 0.31.21. A roast was prepared (lavishly) from a single stack of pig cheese [5] and a single stack of water buffalo cheese [4], resulting in a +water buffalo cheese roast [9]+.

It's rather unpredictable. At first I thought it might only occur with eggs, but in this case, it was cheese. Most other roasts are made with 4 stacks, as expected. But every once in a while, this happens.
2011-03-10 02:04   
This seems to only happen when the last ingredient is something that comes in stacks of more than 1, such as cheese or eggs.