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0004176: Pots appear to hold an infinite amount of food.
Pots were giving me a lot of trouble so I decided to dump all of them and go back to barrels. I went ahead and marked the few pots in my food stockpile just to get rid of them. Then I notice my dwarves are pulling dozens of all kinds of berries out of a single pot and dumping them. I paused and checked the pot's inventory and there are just over 16 pages of berry stacks inside. This one pot has been holding over 90 percent of my food stocks. I was wondering why my food stockpile wasn't getting filled up. Now I know.
Use pots for food storage.
This is my third bug report involving pots. There's more but they're comparatively minor. Pots in general really need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb.
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duplicate of 0003986resolved Toady One Large pots can hold infinite amounts of food (prepared meals and plants) 
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