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0004183Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2011-03-10 10:032011-03-10 10:18
0004183: No way to prevent plaster powder bags from being stored in furniture stockpiles
Furniture stockpiles currently have special options to permit or deny the storage of sand bags, but there is no equivalent option for storage of gypsum plaster (or other user-defined inorganic powders).

The game currently has special material flags for miscellaneous liquids belonging to plants ([LIQUID_MISC_PLANT]), animals ([LIQUID_MISC_CREATURE]), and inorganics ([LIQUID_MISC_OTHER], used internally by lye), but it only has miscellaneous powder flags for plants ([POWDER_MISC_OTHER] - milled plants) and animals ([POWDER_MISC_CREATURE], not actually used by anything but would categorize it as bone meal) - a [POWDER_MISC_OTHER] token would make sense for gypsum plaster (and possibly even sand), though it would have the side effect of permitting storage of said powder bags within barrels.
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related to 0000157resolved Toady One Stockpile settings "metal" category includes stones, gems, soil and other inorganics 
related to 0000194resolved Toady One Hospital does not stock plaster powder, and doctors won't use stockpiled plaster to set bones 
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