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0004195Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spampublic2011-03-11 12:002011-03-11 12:29
0004195: Cancels clean self area inaccessible "Trying to clean an inside bodypart"
After a dwarf gets hurt, there is sometime a little spatter of blood left on some organ/bodypart, which they will try and clean.

Theese examples I have on two saved games. If you look in their inventory, you will see this:
Spatter of "name" dwarf blood (left kidney)
Spatter of "name" dwarf blood (Liver)
Spatter of "name" dwarf blood (Right true rib)

The dwarf keeps spamming with the message "Cancels clean self area inaccessible"

One of the savegames is version 0.31.19 and the other is 0.31.21
I can upload them if necessary.

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duplicate of 0001023resolved Toady One People picking up soap, getting "cancels Clean Self: Area inaccessible", then dropping it 
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You posted in the correct report 5 days ago, no need for a new report on the matter.

See Toady's note at 0001023:0007572.