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0004247Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2011-03-19 11:372011-03-19 11:47
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0004247: population cap ignored
Waves of immigrants keep coming! in 31.19 I did not have this problem, started a new fort with 31.21, and I had to stop playing. I always keep the cap at 13 for the first year and raise it to 24 for the second year, and by then my fractal bedrooms first 6x4 pod of 3x3 rooms are usually smoothed out. I've never had any trouble with the population cap, but its as if the init settings are just being ignored. I looked over the init files for a typo or missing bracket or something, but I can't figure it out.
set the population cap to 13 or 24 and watch the waves of dwarfs arrive
If anyone else that plays with low population forts can say that the cap works for them, then just ignore this. The internet is so mean, and I have no desire to get flamed or ninjad or whatever the kids do to losers these days. I know that everyone hates me and wants me dead, and I'm sorry for taking up your precious time, but I'm getting bored of Bethesda and Rockstar sandboxes! I miss my fortress. Peace and Love!
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duplicate of 0002922resolved Toady One Population Cap not working 
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This is some... strange additional info.

In any case others are reporting the same problem in 0002922, although with a low pop-cap like you have, it's possible your first migration wave will surpass your limit. In previous versions the pop-cap took effect after a liaison left your fortress, and you can get immigration waves now twice before a trade caravan, so it's possible you can break both limits (13 and 24) before the game notices your new limit.