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0004266: Obsidian can't be used at the Mason's workshop
Obsidian is treated as an economic stone (unavailable for general use unless you have a layer of it), but it is not listed in the economic stones list and therefore can't be changed. It SHOULD be listed in economic stones and should be available for general use by default.
I know that this is mentioned in Dwarf Fortress wiki and therefore probably has already been reported, but it is annoying as hell and is extremely easy to fix. And it has been known at least since version 0.31.06. So there's no excuse for not fixing it, and we should all badger Toady One to fix it until he does.
It is also strange that gypsum plaster and slade ARE listed, when gypsum plaster is a powder, not a stone, and slade is unobtainable. Though it doesn't hurt to have things on the list that can't be used anyway, so it doesn't really matter if they get removed from the list.
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duplicate of 0000073resolved Toady One cannot disable the use of obsidian in the z->stone screen 
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Duplicate of 0000073.

"we should all badger Toady One to fix it until he does." That's what this tracker is for. Just try to keep relevant reports together so it's easier for us to figure out what might get fixed as a side benefit of something else.