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0004268Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2011-03-21 04:452011-03-21 06:53
0004268: Vials contain 2 different kinds of liquid, and contents are not shown
Vials can contain different kinds of liquid, and unlike barrels and bins, you have to examine the vial to know that it contains something. This makes it somewhat difficult to trade away a vial of golden salve when you also have several empty vials.
Also, dwarves should not be putting wine in vials, unless there are no appropriate containers available. And they certainly shouldn't be putting wine in a vial that already has something in it. It's annoying to have to sell some of my wine, which I wanted to keep, in order to sell the 25 units of golden salve worth 2500.
Have vials with golden salve in them. Forbid empty vials and waterskins. Order dwarves to go on military duty and take drinks with them.
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duplicate of 0003116new  Soldier equipped vial of extract (golden salve) as waterskin, then added alcohol to it 
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This looks like a duplicate of 0003116.