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0004434Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2011-04-02 17:062014-01-17 10:37
Toady One 
0004434: Several tags added to 'GIANT' creature entries are not removed by the 'GIANT' template, resulting in duplicates
The GIANT creature variation template does not remove the following tags:

but these tags are reentered in the raw entries for creatures using the templates. In all vanilla cases the tags in the raw entry are identical to the tags from the original creature. If the tags differ (the giant version is a different color or has a different population number), the tags from the original creature will overwrite any tags added after [GO_TO_START] potentially resulting in unintended behavior. (I tested this with changing the color of badgers/giant badgers and plopping them down in the arena)

A GIANT version of a normally rideable creature that is intended to an exotic mount will have to manually remove [MOUNT] or will end up with both [MOUNT] and [MOUNT_EXOTIC] to unknown effect.
Probable Quick Fix, raw file
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