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0004455: Two weapons in one hand. Both weapons are usable.
While playing adventurer mode I was stabbed with a spear, that lodged firmly in the wound. Right after it, my foe gave in to pain, losing grip of the spear (so it remained in my body). After the fight I pulled the spear out. KABOOM! A hammer and a spear in the left hand, and a shield in the right.

Both weapons are usable in fight, so I can hit with the hammer, stab with the spear and strike with the shield.

I think it's a bit unnatural to hold two weapons in one hand... :p
1. Get attacked by an enemy with a weapon.
2. Let him stuck his weapon into one of your wounds.
3. Kill him right away, so he can't take it out.
4. While holding your weapon and shield in both of your hands, pull the foe's weapon out.
5. Check your iventory, there it is!

6. Attack somebody. You can use both weapons now!
Maybe it's possible to gain even more weapons this way.
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duplicate of 0004224new  Adv Mode [r]emove always places items in grasps, allows wielding them all simultaneously 
related to 0001000resolved Toady One Militia commander grabs all new weapons in the same hand. 
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All items that you take out from your wounds will add to your characters hand, so it's possible to have several bolts, arrows and weapons in one hand.
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This is basically the same as 0004224