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0004465: Single hides clutter tanners shop causing slow reactions
Even a single hide (say Yak hide, 12 units of weight) in a tanners shop makes the workshop the highest level of cluttered. This is unrealistic and really slows down the tanning process, even for a dwarf with skill. I had four animals butchered. After the first was butchered, the tanner immediately went to tan the hide. By the time the first hide was tanned, two of the remaining three were rotten. Butchering happens instantly, but I can agree to disagree on that bug.
Butcher some animals
have a tanner's workshop
Watch the dwarf take the hide to the tanner's workshop.
Note the clutter level
balancing issue?
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duplicate of 0000231resolved Toady One Body parts from large creatures (bones, meat, leather, tusks, etc) slow workshops down due to clutter 
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Sorry, this is probably 0000231
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Definitely a child of 0000231, but leather and hide have not yet been mentioned as causes of 0000231 that I can tell.
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Now they have.