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0004522Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2011-04-14 11:372012-03-05 15:53
Phenom II Quad/GTX260Windows 7 (AMD64 version)Windows 7 (AMD64
0004522: Military equip seems to work for the most part but is not thourough.
My dorf, when instructed to equip (2 caps 1 helm 6 hoods, 3 mail shirts 1 breastplate 6 capes, a pair of mittens and a pair of gauntlets, 2 trousers 1 greaves, a pair of socks and a pair of high boots) seems to get creative and interpret these instructions differently every time he gets dressed. I know that he may have issues with the style i ask him to fill out, but Urist McNopants seems that its his choice to walk directly past the stockpile (right next to the armor) to forget both caps, all 6 hoods, both socks, and his trousers.

(all of the items are readily available and non forbidden (brand new also))
1) Create uniform that goes as this.
s. mail shirt
s. mail shirt
s. mail shirt
s. breastplate
s. high boots

2) Tell Urist McNopants that he needs to stop running around naked and go to war/stand in the corner under military order.

3) Witness Urist McNopants' creative spirit.
Did try disbanding and reforming and all that, seemed to change the items that i was missing each time. Sometimes he wanted to wear his mitten and gauntlet on one hand instead of both, I guess that made him Urist McJackson. Im not sure if he thinks this is cute or wants to make sure he never holds a weapon again.
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duplicate of 0004932resolved Toady One Dwarves try to equip armor in order of its production instead of in order specified by uniform 
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2011-04-14 12:57   
Have you tried NOT specifying 10 identical items for every body part?
2011-04-14 13:21   
(edited on: 2011-04-14 13:23)
when specifying only one of each it only gets one of each, thats not gonna be good enough.

? i specified the exact number that he should be wearing.
by cycling it over and over i managed to get him to assign himself the 6 hoods.
so now he is wearing everything exactly as listed but still refuses to wear trousers socks and caps.

also seemed to help to delete all items except for the cloth's then tell him to equip just cloth then adding the armor to the list afterward then cycling 10 or so times and he slowly started picking up more and more items as he went, also went to drink 4 times during the process.

it would however be ideal to not have to cycle the equip process by giving move order, suiting up and canceling move and stripping over and over to get this dorf to take the armor thats sitting right next to him.

2011-04-14 13:25   
after a few more cycles i managed to get him to grab the trousers also.
Currently he is Urist McNosocksncaps.
2011-04-14 13:42   
never mind. he is afraid of the trousers again.
2011-04-15 02:57   
By the way, all of the items (even the ones that he refuses to wear) have the green weapon rack icon next to them (i assume this means he has decided that he should be wearing a specific one, as if he has registered items for him to use)
2012-02-27 15:46   
It seems that the main cause of this bug is 0004932
2012-02-27 17:03   
Okay, we'll go with that.