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0004587Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2011-04-27 15:062014-08-04 15:01
WindowsWindows 7 and XP
0004587: Random freeze
Embarked on a cold biome with a freshwater lake. In late winter, the game freezes. I tried it with and without autosaves on. Could be due to the change of seasons. Tried on two different computers with the same results. Abandoned the fortress and reclaimed it, same thing happened in winter. I have the save.
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duplicate of 0001899resolved Toady One Game locks up for 30 min during seasonal temperature shift 
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2011-04-27 15:17   
Does the game eventually un-freeze? I suspect the 'freeze' is due to the melting of the snow. It can take quite a while for this calculation to complete.
2011-04-27 15:30   
Appears to be duplicate of 1899
2011-04-27 15:31   
Have let in run for 15 minutes before, but still didn't unfreeze. Will wait to see if it eventually works it out, I suspect it will.
2011-04-28 13:33   
Reminder sent to: Konisforce

Hey Konisforce, did waiting eventually yield a result?

(If you haven't had time to test, ignore this for now - I thought, from your last post, that you were testing it at the time of your last post.)