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0004614: Cook gains unhappy thought from 'artwork defacement' when meal is eaten
I had a cook gain an unhappy thought because of artwork defacement. The only masterpieces he couldve created are meals. I have cooked no liquids at all, so it isn't the previous bug that liquid meals melt.
Unsure, wait for masterpiece meals to get consumed?
Mostly this is deductive - dwarf in question could only have masterpieces that were meals, and all previous bug reports about this seem to be with regard to meals 'melting' because they were all liquids.
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related to 0002175resolved Footkerchief Cook gains unhappy thought when a "Masterpiece" is eaten. 
related to 0001718closed Footkerchief cooks makes masterpiece - gets eaten, he gets pissed 
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I'll look into it more, but if this is still happening, then 0002175 and 0001718 are not duplicates of 0000303.
2011-05-05 11:04   
The cook isn't a mason/architect by chance? They could have designed or built a "masterpiece" road/furnace/bridge and you tore it down?
2011-05-05 12:21   
Cooks will get a bad thought from masterwork defacement when a masterwork meal rots or is destroyed by vermin. I suspect that's what's actually happening here, since I have seen many cases of masterwork meals being eaten without causing any masterwork defacement messages or thoughts.
2011-05-05 13:49   
The cook in question has no other job skills and no other jobs activated. Meal rotting is unlikely given the time scale. Possibly eaten by vermin, although they'd have had to have eaten one rather quickly.

2011-05-07 11:13   
Please reopen this if you have a save that demonstrates the actual eating of the meal and the resulting unhappy thought.