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0000462Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2010-04-05 05:322014-08-04 15:01
Toady One 
0000462: CHAT_WORHY entity members may give duplicate quests
This is essentially an old bug (first report I've found is from 21.100.19a), but has some significance now that we may get more and more CHAT_WORTHY creatures in one site.

In an area where few quests are available, it's possible that multiple CHAT_WORTHY civvers may give you the same job - the original issue involed two mayors from different sites each giving the player a quest to kill the same megabeast; my experience involves two or more CHAT_WORTHY civvers at the same site giving me the same quest. The civvers do not have to be of the same noble classification - this appears to occur with any combination of civvers.

The fact that this isn't always reproducable leads me to consider two hypotheses: either the quest being "taken" is occasionally reported incorrectly for some reason, or there's some random factor involved in quest-giving of which I'm not already aware.
- For maximum reproducibility, create a custom civ with multiple CHAT_WORTHY civvers per site.
- Find one of said civ's sites near a cave or otherwise near a potential quest target
- Talk to all CHAT_WORTHY civvers you can find
- This isn't always reproducable
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2010-04-05 05:44   
I'll confirm this with Warlords and Warleaders at the same location.
2010-04-05 09:00   
I'm not sure this is a bug. Should they telepathically know that someone else told you the same thing already?
2010-04-05 09:24   
I personally like it as it is, since I'm very forgetful of what I'm supposed to be killing and this gives me another chance to remember.
Although they were in the same room as each other at the time.

... This and my forgetfulness might be rectified if there were a log of conversations, but that might be a long time coming.
2010-04-05 13:10   
Logical2u: you can review who you're supposed to be killing from the quest log. http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Adventurer#Finding_quest_locations [^]
2010-04-05 13:16   
... how did I not know about that?

Also, since such a list is preserved, there could be a check for duplicate quests, technically. Probably deserves to be in suggestions, though...
2010-04-06 04:03   
The initial report was replied to by Toady, who suggested that he might want to look at the save, which implies that it's not a desired feature. As I say, that was quite a while back, though.
2011-02-28 21:23   
Reminder sent to: 3

Does this still occur in 31.19?
2011-02-28 23:15   
I haven't encountered it since I made the report. Even if it does still occur, it might not be an issue any more (as if it was a serious one in the first place) due to the pop changes and such.