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0004705Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2011-06-17 13:032011-06-17 15:23
Windows 7 64-bit
0004705: Trade depot stealing (bug?)
I found out that you can steal the caravans cargo, if you demolish your trade depot. They don't fight back, they just stand and looking around, then they ignore everything about their goods and leave again. Few months later, when they come back, you can do it again.
1) Build a trade depot with (any) materials. (I tested it with claystones)
2) Wait for the caravans.
3) If they are here, let them unload their goods.
4) Demolish your trade depot.
5) Let your dwarves steal their stuff, while they do nothing.
6) They'll leave, then some few months again, they'll come back again.

I don't remember the product version, so I just took 0.31.25, it could be 0.31.24 but I'm not sure.
trade, trade depot
duplicate of 0000293resolved Toady One Deconstructing trade depot gives you the traders' items 
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Please use the Search feature next time - this has been reported over 10 times already, the first of which was 0000293.