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0004722Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destructionpublic2011-06-27 17:412011-07-02 23:50
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0004722: Can't build wall
I've made a fortress in an above ground tower, so obviously wall-building is working for the most part, but there is one tile on ground level that I can't build anything on because I keep getting "mason cancels construct building, creature occupying site" every time I unsuspend the construction. The construction site is near what used to be a busy hallway, but I locked a door to remove all the traffic (the construction site is still accessible though), and I'm sure no dwarves or animals are walking through the tile.
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duplicate of 0003499acknowledged Footkerchief Can't build construction on tile, claims to be blocked by invisible creature 
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Does your mason have a pet that is always with him/her? Have you tried canceling the order and starting it again? That should allow you to watch and see what is happening.
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Reminder sent to: zyxwvut

kwieland posted a question - does your mason have a pet that might be following him and blocking the site?

Also, if your mason is a leader/mayor, there may be someone following him for a meeting and also blocking the site.
2011-07-02 23:50   
If you haven't resolved this, please continue discussion in 0003499.