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0000475Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-04-05 08:392011-03-09 04:10
Toady One 
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0000475: Custom Food -> Plants stockpile has invisible item, because "plump helmet man tissue" uses creature name instead of plant name
The plants list will lose focus and not scroll to the top of the list after the last entry of "Palm". If you scroll again, it will correctly go to the top of the list.

Ditto for scrolling from top of list to end of list.

Don't know if this is a just a display issue or may point to a larger problem.
[t] Custom Settings;
Select Food;
Select Plants;
Scroll down past Palm at end of list towards top of list or scroll up past Plump Helmet at top of list towards end of list.
I have not attempted to reproduce, as I'm still on the same fort (which always reproduces at this fort), but not sure if it might be hidden items not showing up due to problems with underground features/availability/etc.
plant, stockpile
has duplicate 0002129closed Footkerchief Plants sub-stockpile menu has "hidden" item at end of list 
has duplicate 0002324resolved Footkerchief Non-visible entry in Stockpile -> Food -> Plants 
child of 0000254resolved Toady One Food stockpiles accept trees/wood 
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2010-04-05 08:43   
I checked all other categories and subcategories for a custom stockpile; this is the only list that this happens to.

2010-04-05 10:52   
I thought this was intended behavior to denote the fact that you have reached the end of the list.
2010-04-05 13:51   
If it is, then this list is okay and all the other lists are bugged. Either way, this is a bug.
2010-07-13 08:45   
Does this still occur in 31.10?
2010-07-13 19:04   
Still happens.
2011-02-27 19:33   
The blank entry is actually for "plump helmet man tissue", which is derived from STRUCTURAL_PLANT_TEMPLATE (and thus makes this a subset of 0000254) - this section seemingly fetches the NAME of the parent PLANT object to display in the list, which fails in this case because the plump helmet man is a CREATURE.
2011-02-27 20:04   
I was just looking at plump helmet men a couple days ago and thought their edibility was odd, but didn't tie it to this report...good job.