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0004831Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2011-08-16 00:032011-08-16 17:47
0004831: Weapon attachments do not respect changes to military position (forbidden due to stuck-in)
Currently, specific weapons are assigned to military dwarves based on their numerical position in a squad. Some dwarves get attached to their weapons. When you remove a dwarf from his or her military position, the attached weapon remains attached to the specific dwarf (well, all that means currently, I believe, is that it is forbidden), yet the specific weapon will be assigned to the dwarf that replaces the attached dwarf. The weapon cannot even be assigned to the replaced dwarf in the new position, as it is currently forbidden by attachment mechanics.

This means that in the (fairly predictable) event of promotion to militia captain, the replacement will not pick up a weapon until the new militia captain dies (actually, not even then, because of the way the current mechanics work.)

This leads to special problems when the weapon in question is an artifact, as such a weapon will not show itself as forbidden when viewed (although you can see forbid/claim text, making the hidden attachment status pointless as long as you know what to look for.)

The work around for this problem is fairly trivial: find the specific weapon and unforbid it. The problem is that this work around is only apparent to advanced players, and it requires recognizing the problem to begin with (otherwise you'll just wonder why your dwarf isn't picking up a weapon, if you even notice that he or she is unarmed).
1) Make a military dwarf, assign him or her a weapon

2) Wait until he or she grows attached to that weapon

3) Remove the dwarf from his squad and replace him or her. The replacement will never pick up a weapon.
Attachment mechanics have sure caused a lot of headaches. I can understand-- it's a difficult problem to solve.
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duplicate of 0001664resolved Toady One Weapons stuck in an enemy's corpse become auto-forbidden even if a dwarf is still wielding the weapon 
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The weapon didn't get forbidden due to attachment - it got forbidden because it got stuck inside an opponent during combat (0001664).
2011-08-16 14:51   
Pardon me-- you're correct, the weapon had been a stuck-in at one point.
2011-08-16 17:46   
Since the greater part of your discussion/situation was that the weapon was forbidden, please continue discussion under 0001664.