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0000489: Caging Un-Owned Small Animals
It is possible to assign any small animal brought by Elf traders without buying the animal/cage animal is in. The "borrowed" animal does not appear in the Animals screen of the Status menu, and remains in the fort and cage once the Elf traders depart.

This applies only for tame small animals (birds/rats/roaches, et cetera). Tame large animals (ie, Grizzley Bears) are not elligible to be borrowed.
1. Build and place a cage.
2. Wait until Elf merchants arrive.
3. Assign small animals to cage (birds, rats, etc) that are not owned by your civ and were brought by the Elf caravan.
4. A dwarf will take the job, go to the trade depot and take the animal from the traders. The cage the small animal was in when arriving at the fort remains in the posession of the Elf merchants.
5. Dwarf places borrowed animal in your cage.
6. Animal does not join list of pets/owned/tamed animals on status screen.
7. Animal remains in your cage once the Elf traders leave.
While stealing from the Elf traders is certainly a dwarvenly thing to do, the "borrowed" animal should at least join the "borrowing" civilization, or be reclaimed by the merchants when they leave. ;)
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duplicate of 0000415resolved Toady One Merchants' unpurchased small creatures can be placed in cages 
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Blast. This should be "Caging" animals, not "Caving" them. Can someone rename this?