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0000049Dwarf FortressTypos/Grammarpublic2010-04-01 16:542010-06-09 06:46
Toady One 
0000049: typo in a certain underground creature's description
[DESCRIPTION:A fearsome, long-toothed mouth the size of a man’s head, flying on bat wings. It is found in deep caves.]

"man's" has the wrong apostrophe in the hungry head's entry.
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2010-04-07 15:44   
I'll add this one here as it deals with the same type of oddities in descriptions.

A forgotten beast described as "A towering six-legged quadruped..."

Now, I know it is possible he doesn't have feet at the end of the other two legs, but what is there?
2010-04-08 12:27   
That's actually a completely unrelated bug.
Toady One   
2010-04-12 16:04   
Okay, this should be fixed for 0.31.03.