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0004950: butchered crundle produces no horn
One of my nobles had a liking for crundle horn, and thus mandated crundle horn items. When crundles where finally encountered, killed, and butchered, there was no horn produced.

The creature's description mentions horns. Their butchering returns list bones, skull, and skin, but no horn.

Several dwarves were beaten to death or died in jail because a noble had a liking for a material impossible to procure, unfortunately.
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duplicate of 0001047resolved Footkerchief Butchered cats only produce skulls, possibly related to aging while caged 
related to 0001623confirmed Knight Otu Dwarves can have preferences for non-existing body parts like bird/worm teeth. 
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They do have horns, the problem is they are too small to yield horn (low relative size) when butchered.

Same for their claws (nail material).