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0005053: Crash at the end of worldgen
I generated 5 worlds with different history lengths and default settings for the rest and got a crash with this error message :

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error'
what(): vector::_M_fill_insert
Seems to happen all the time.
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2012-02-14 05:49   
(edited on: 2012-02-14 05:53)
I'm getting the same thing on the osx version, but creating a five year pocket went fine, it was just for a normal world that i got:

Dump: http://pastebin.com/0tTY0tQn [^]

2012-02-14 05:55   
Reminder sent to: tasteful

I moved your dump to pastebin so it wouldn't make this report impossible to scroll through.

However, what's more useful than a dump is world gen seeds that reproduce the crash. You can find the seeds in gamelog.txt in the main DF folder.

Also, are you using TrueType? What PRINT_MODE are you using in init.txt?
2012-02-14 05:58   
Here are two failed seeds. http://pastebin.com/NJcHvygn [^]
2012-02-14 16:43   
Had the game crashing with this error with any parameters.

Turned out that I extracted the new version into directory of an older install, extracting into a new directory fixed this
2012-02-14 18:23   
Seeds from 0005083:

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4333333
 Seed: woUowokoWk0CqcQA62oY
 History Seed: GEei28q4Oo2ASyoAIzn9
 Name Seed: LujTdnUn2c72VONe4Nxm
 Creature Seed: gjvf9ADHxqAl7I2avIFl
2012-02-14 18:52   
I'm using the linux version, vanilla, 2D without TTF, and have not seen this problem (one world gen'd to year 125).
2012-02-14 22:14   
I've seen this crash twice so far, on Debian AMD64 stable. My 0.34.1 install's in a new directory, not on top of an old one.

GDB backtrace is at:
http://deekoo.net/technocracy/laboratory/df_crashes.html [^]

The seeds were:
Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4333333
 Seed: 5XPoprJbnyVOl7oZJwA7
 History Seed: fx97AbSIGrUg8fIlIR8v
 Name Seed: ky5Htle2TatRLNOJicwJ
 Creature Seed: HAnFfrql4HWc7PhqwBcm
Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4333333
 Seed: 6Ixw3E0NzuZ6PvuRXOau
 History Seed: De4ZnqN9o6xiAiU1iIAX
 Name Seed: bANov55Gs2yrYqEkUPh8
 Creature Seed: HUJoybfUIGlhGZLzUnc8
2012-02-14 23:11   
On 64bit Win7 as well:
Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4333333
 Seed: RNK2d8Oi4IFxPdL51Sd4
 History Seed: hCar4ofuKfPEFCrAlvxK
 Name Seed: pRKHHeV7BY9kypxFphFo
 Creature Seed: mFI4wQQQYCiHCHQoMZ5q
2012-02-15 09:13   
I had a world fail with:
the terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error'
what(): vector::_M_fill_insert

using the following seed:

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 3233333
 Seed: 0kKEMQS0ma4cE8EEYAWE
 History Seed: OWSqEkKuKSi6ys6AEUwm
 Name Seed: uwAuqKyEKGEiYcKYCQOI
 Creature Seed: ewKSkGOkaGIG2I0eSuii

My next world didn't crash, but I aborted it in mid-generation and used it without the full history being generated. Seeds for that one were:

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 3333333
 Seed: 0kkSUIsQ8eFS4nYTsXy8
 History Seed: xEaGTDV0ckmLyWsh2vmJ
 Name Seed: rCXAnvRXGBqMDCSrcpf2
 Creature Seed: kBDWXt3gzypiyAebvEHv

On a separate computer I have world gens complete successfully, however, they don't write out to disk. However, that may be a fault with my own file system permissions, still researching that one.

Both computers are running Ubuntu Linux 11.10 32bit. Both are running DF 34.01.
2012-02-15 09:25   
First computer just completed worldgen successfully using the following:

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4144334
 Seed: aeeWiCM2y6uuUuUya8wy
 History Seed: QOQWqCkAIOIesm0AowyM
 Name Seed: si68OO5HSw28iAO4t9aS
 Creature Seed: r7TWu9KJMkk0WNb4KS7c
2012-02-18 09:47   
(edited on: 2012-02-18 09:52)
Sometimes the worldgen completes successfully, but the world itself doesn't get saved. A temporary workaround is to abort the worldgen before the history completes, and then accept it as it is. Actually, I think that is the ONLY way I've gotten a world to save. This leads me to believe the crash is happening at the end of worldgen as it saves the world.

Perhaps the bug could be determined by comparing how the game saves the world at the end of worldgen and how it saves when aborting worldgen and accepting the world as it stands from that point?

2012-02-28 09:48   
(edited on: 2012-02-28 11:47)
I always abort in the current version as it's too slow, and I'm still 4/4 crashes on saving. So while that may be a factor, it's not the only cause.
Win7 here.

I'll try with your keys now.
Edit: your key on a medium world saved without crashing.

edit2: Just noticed the date on this. Let's find a better bug for it

Last edit: this is the new .03

2012-03-10 08:33   
(edited on: 2012-03-10 09:36)
EDIT: I was able to fix this issue by removing all my previously saved games / generated worlds. I will leave the rest of my report up, but I have resolved this issue for me.

I am still having this happen in 0.34.05, regardless of input parameters as well. Happens on every world gen.

OS: Arch Linux

Terminal output: http://pastebin.com/aHzLv4ij [^]

gdb backtrace: http://pastebin.com/vtiFr9r1 [^]

libs: http://pastebin.com/DvAKYkYW [^]

2012-03-10 10:12   
I had this issue at first too. Did you put the new version into last year's version's folder? I did, and it caused the crash issues.

I put it in a new folder all it's own and it fixed the issues altogether.
2012-03-15 03:49   
Confirming another person with this crash issue. Oddly, my game was fine at first but seems to have developed this bug over time. Same whether using basic create new world or custom parameters.

Cannot use the workaround as above (ie, aborting world gen before history completes).
2012-03-15 11:53   
Dear Mazonas

I have the following suggestion:
(Download if necessary and) Unpack Dwarf Fortress again and overwrite your active version with the freshly unpacked (except for the data/init directory, unless you want extra work :) :) ). Your save files and so on should be fine.
I had a serious problem with save file corruption after trying to start new adventure mode after retiring an adventurer, and after that, I also had consistent world gen crashes in 34.05 until I overwrote the files with freshly unpacked ones.
2012-03-15 14:43   
Unpack Dwarf Fortress again and overwrite your active version with the freshly unpacked

This is always a bad idea.
2012-03-16 00:20   
Shouldn't overwriting the files of 34.05 with the files of 34.05 (that is, files of the same version) be safe? I honestly want to know, because in my eyes, it seems a good method of quickly repairing apparently broken binaries/raws.
2012-05-17 09:31   
(edited on: 2012-05-17 09:32)
[34.08] Removing previous saves fixes it. Perhaps something to do with the code that tries to determine the region number based on the current contents of the save directory?

2012-06-05 05:04   
[34.10] Removing previous saves fixes it for me.