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0005081Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2012-02-14 16:592012-02-17 15:24
Toady One 
PCVista Enterprise 32bitSP2
0005081: Cannot cancel unaccessible "Remove Trees"
I started on a plot with a river running down the middle. Just to check and make sure it was wide enough for no-one to cross (and make a moat), I designated Remote Trees on the opposite side. My woodcutter started moving towards the side of the map, so I went to Remove Designation and tried to remove, except the one tree he was after would not un-designate. He kept moving, so I went into his Labor and turned off wood-cutting, and he kept running anyway until he ran off the map, and all of a sudden appeared on the other side of the river (at the edge of the map), dead, half-eaten by an alligator.
Designate "Remove Trees" in an unaccessible place (maybe only across a river)
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related to 0005072resolved Toady One Removing designations doesn't cancel jobs that have already been claimed by dwarves 
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I think this had the same root cause as 0005072, so it should be good.