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0005110Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2012-02-15 04:402014-08-18 07:09
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0005110: Dwarfs put corpses in corpse stockpile even though they're "missing" and haven't been found yet.
I had some dwarfs killed by a berserk yak and some bodies were on the outskirts of the map, so none of my living dwarfs ventured there for a while. They remained "missing" for some time. I made a corpse stockpile and immediately the hauler went straight for the "missing" dwarf body, even though it wasn't officially found.

I didn't have any more deaths after that so I'm not sure if this is an issue with building the stockpile after the death or a general one and new dead will also be immediately put in the stockpile disregarding the "missing" element.
get dwarf killed
make sure the dwarf is "missing"
make a corpse stockpile
Fixed in 0.40.05?
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2012-02-15 13:12   
(edited on: 2012-02-15 13:13)
Had this happen to me as well, though I suspect the death might have been caused by a vampire in my case.

2012-02-16 13:01   
A Dwarf died in my hospital (injured miner, didn't have the resources to treat him). Despite the "hospital" being in the middle of the main concourse, he was just announced to have been missing for a week, despite dwarves passing by his corpse. In fact, not only are they passing by it, at this very minute a dwarf is SLEEPING ON TOP OF IT. Save included.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5552 [^]
2012-02-19 05:26   
I can confirm this behavior. I also think it was a vampire in my case.
2012-02-24 21:10   
Interesting, I had a dwarf that was dead and missing but he was already in the corpse stockpile. I think my resident vampire must have delivered it himself.

If that's accurate (I wasn't actually watching at the time), this bug is may somehow be a side effect of vampires being designed to not report their own kills.
Pirate Bob   
2012-03-24 18:30   
(edited on: 2012-03-24 18:32)
I also had a dwarf killed by a vampire, and just by random chance saw him making the kill. I looked at the units screen, and during the feeding the vampire was listed as "vampire bowyer" (not sure if this is intended or not). I of course zoomed to his location and watched him drain the dwarf. I then watched a different dwarf dragging the corpse away, even though the death had not yet been discovered. Then, some time later, the dwarf was "found dead", with the location listed as the dwarf's room, even though he was already in the corpse pile, and the dwarf who carried him off apparently did not "notice" he was dead.

Clearly there is a bug or two in here somewhere, although I'm not exactly sure what the intended behavior is...

I have a save from mid-draining and if it is helpful I can post it somewhere.

2012-03-24 19:10   
Reminder sent to: Pirate Bob

You can compress (.zip) up your DF/data/save/region folder and upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com [^] and post a link to it here.
Pirate Bob   
2012-03-26 05:29   
I added the save at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6009. [^] It may take several attempts to get the dwarf to actually die from the attack and reproduce the corpse hauling behavior, but I did get it to work after about 4 tries.
2012-04-10 21:22   
I don't think this is necessarily vampire related; I just had a miner die in a fall. Although it was not witnessed, another dwarf found him almost immediately and hauled him to the corpse stockpile, which is where his body still is. There is even a coffin that already has his name on it but he's still listed as missing and still sitting in the corpse stockpile right there in front of God and everybody.
2014-07-27 00:29   
(edited on: 2014-07-28 06:36)
'Invalid security form'... my post was just erased. More terse, then:

Normal: Insane dwarf in walled-up workshop changed from 'Missing' to 'Deceased' when walls were taken down.

Odd: Drowned goblin corpses (level -14) horrified various dwarves and were moved to a stockpile, but are still listed as 'Missing'. They may have already decayed into partial skeletons by that time.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9169 [^]

Edit: The above was in 0.40.4; this was fixed for me in 0.40.5! *joy*

2014-08-06 07:54   
fourpotatoes posted a save at 0007864: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9308 [^]