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0005146Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2012-02-15 17:302012-02-16 07:04
Windows XP
0005146: Books in Adventure Mode appear both on ground and in inventory
Sometimes when you pick up a book in adventure mode the book doesn't get properly listed as gone, and will reappear when you go to the same location again. It appears that the book is actually listed as being in two different locations at the same time, as there doesn't seem to be any duping.

Attempting to picking up the copy of the book from the ground adds the announcement as usual, but your inventory still only has one copy.

Dropping the inventory's copy of the book causes the copy on the ground to vanish.
Pick up a book in a large castle. Walk a suitably long distance away. Come back. The book is still in your inventory, but there's also a book still sitting in the original location.

I don't know the exact details - these books were stored in high towers, and it was possible for me to walk down a z-level, go through the wall to the other book's location five towers down, and go up a level, and alternate finding phantom books.
I have a save file that I can provide if needed.
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duplicate of 0005113resolved Toady One Readable materials (books, slabs) duplicating in inventory 
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2012-02-15 17:47   
Hmm... traveling around with the books, it looks like there's some weird duality where they're simultaneously in my inventory and in my hand.
2012-02-15 19:30   
This sounds like the artifact-in-bin bug that dates back to and earlier...
2012-02-15 19:43   
Your note makes this sound like a duplicate of 0005113 -- do you concur?
2012-02-15 21:22   
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Probably is the same. I didn't notice any duplication beyond having one in inventory and one in hand, but it's probably just an artifact of dying before I could look too deeply into it.

Reappearing on the ground in their original location is a pretty weird symptom, though.