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0005154Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Designationspublic2012-02-15 19:502012-02-20 07:32
0005154: Designations start when they are not supposed to if you designate with a mouse
If you designate anything with a mouse and then move your keyboard cursor you will find that the keyboard cursor has started to designate an area as if you had hit enter. Of course I don't want my keyboard cursor to start designating an area until I hit enter the first time. It starts the first part of a designation selection with everything in the d menu and re selects after every click.
Hit d, designate anything with a mouse click, move keyboard cursor with an arrow key, observe flashing tile you did not want. It will act like you hit enter once and starts the first part of a designation.

Using Phoebus graphics pack
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duplicate of 0005074resolved Toady One Mouse click while designating sets mark like enter does 
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in 34.02 Regular designations may be fixed, however it still does this in all of the "designations: set building/item properties" (d then b) list of designations (claim, forbid, melt ect.)

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This report is still a duplicate. In the future, PM me on the forums if you need someone else's report reopened.