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0005199Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fortpublic2012-02-16 15:052012-12-25 10:18
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0005199: Buggy artifacts make it impossible to enter/reclaim a player-made fortress
I did a small test abandonment to see if post-abandonment artifact functionality had been improved in this version. Every single time I tried to reclaim the fortress, or enter the site in adventure mode, the game crashed on me.

Having taken note of the fact that books were also acting kinda weird in adventure mode, I figured it had something to do with the buggy artifacts from DF2010.

I collected the books, stuffed them in my backpack, and this happened.

So I start a new fortress to test this theory. All abandons and reclaims were perfectly stable until my first artifact was made. I copied the file and did three different abandons of the same fortress: one while the artifact was being made (works), one with the finished artifact still in the workshop (crashes), and one with the artifact in a stockpile (crashes).

Speaking of DF2010, artifacts are similarly screwed up there. Artifacts outside of bins or workshops will vanish from existence when you abandon (I DFusion'd the site to turn off item scattering, trust me, they're gone). When reclaiming a site, if you deconstruct an artifact building or artifact-containing-workshop, the artifact will likewise poof away. When you drop an artifact in adventure mode, you will not be able to pick it up. But if you go back to the building it was inside of when you abandoned, it will still be there in essence, and you'll be able to pick it up an infinite number of times; causing the version you dropped/are holding/are wearing to disappear from existence. If you try to leave the site with one of these silly things, it will immediately vanish from your inventory; meaning you can't hoard priceless artifacts, which I feel is practically the whole point of visiting abandoned fortresses in adventure mode.
Make fortress, make artifact. Abandon, leaving artifact behind. Try to reclaim.
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Does this still occur in 0.34.02?
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Need an update on this issue.
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No update from OP, and it is most likely covered by other artifact/reclaim issues. Not marking it fixed. Spishaban, if you can provide further detail or a follow-up, please reopen this report.