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0000521Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2010-04-05 14:452014-11-19 15:32
Toady One 
0000521: Player is frozen with infinite "Flying" status message when falling onto a tree from above.
Essentially a lock up, the player cannot move or do anything to destroy the tree, so they are stuck above the tree and have to quit with the main menu or wait to starve (or otherwise off themself)
Find a cliff with a tree 2 z-levels below
Alt-walk off the cliff onto above the tree.
adventure mode, Fixed in 0.40.01?, gravity, Holdover from 40d?, trees
has duplicate 0003503resolved Footkerchief Goblin stuck in tree 
related to 0007998confirmed Footkerchief Area above mushroom "walls" classified as open space, dropping onto it causes you to fall forever then crash 
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2010-05-05 06:21   
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13w0EvkZIPM [^]
2014-07-11 06:17   
As the trees are very different, I don't know if the test I did is valid, but I jumped from a cliff unto the top of a tree and didn't get stuck. I did not fall over the center of it, though.
2014-07-11 07:04   
Yeah, I think this counts as fixed.